Fish Oil Dare Video

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything new on but not long ago, Mads and Mike from the Power House posted a new dare. I was to take 5 fish oil capsules, and chew them for 30 seconds and then swallow. It took me some time to find a good day for the dare (didn’t want to smell/taste fish oil all day) but eventually it was just a matter of doing it.

It seemed like a straight forward dare and it kinda was. The hardest part was actually swallowing the damn capsules in the end. Over all it wasn’t that bad, even though I could taste the fish oil the rest of the night (especially when drinking beer).

Have a look at the video here:


Another one in the bag … thanks Mads and Mike!

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The Movember Dare Video

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve done a new dear video on this website, so I thought it was about time to add a new one. A work colleague and good friend of mine by the name of David, dared me to join the Movember movement or cause. If you’re not aware what this concept is about then basically it’s just letting your mustache grow for the month of November. It’s a fund-raising cause which is meant to put more emphasis on men’s health issues.

I didn’t create a fund raising account for it, I just did it for the sake of the Dare. I knew it was going to be easy as my facial hair is very light and grows quite slowly. As a matter of fact, not many people noticed until the very last week 🙂

There’s not much to say about this Dare video and it’s quite short so it won’t take long to watch. Have a look below and feel free to let me know what you think about this dare video in the comments below it.


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Olivers Present – Dare Video

So before I left for my vacation in Asia, my cousin dared me to get him a cool present for his birthday. I wanted to get a video of the event, but wasn’t sure how I’d go about it. I finally found something, that at least I thought was cool, but then I had a hard time getting the store keeper to participate in the movie 🙂 He was soooo shy and was sweating and shaking after I did the dare video. Poor guy but well done!

WARNING! The sound quality is absolutely horrible – turn down speakers!


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Final Chili Dare Video – Philippines part 3/3

My final chili dare video was filmed in the Philippines. I spent 12 days traveling around in the Philippines going from beach to beach. Every place I went I kept a lookout for chili and durian fruits for more dare videos. The durian was impossible to find as it was out of season, and for some reason I had real trouble finding fresh chili.

I had planned an entire day of sightseeing with a local driver and he also took me to a few markets along the way. This is where I found the chili for my final chili dare video. The market stand was tendered by a little girl and she was so shy I had trouble communicating with her. I managed to get the chili and we left the market.

I decided to shoot this last chili dare video on the beach later that night. The video is in 720hd format so if your interwebz connection fails, try lowering the video setting:


Post your comments below 🙂

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Chili Dare Video – Bali Indonesia Part 2/3

You will not believe how hard it is to find a fresh chili in Bali around Kuta. I was looking for my second chili for my chili dare video part 2/3 and I just couldn’t find any markets that had any chili. My search ended at a supermarket where they had boxed fresh chili. I desperately tried to figue our what kind of chili it was, but it seems they just nooded when I showed them my paper where the receptionist at my hotel had written two chili names.

I’m afraid this dare video isn’t as good as the dare video I did in Singapore. When it get’s dark my Canon HF100 seems to struggle a bit. And to be honest I can’t remember if I had the light on when I shot this dare video in Bali.

Anyways, the chili that I had in this dare video was not quite as hot as in the Chili Padi Dare Video I did in Singapore. It did however make my mouth run a lot more!

Have a look here:


Post your comments below 🙂

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Chili Padi Dare Video – Part 1/3 Chili Dare Videos

Do I like dare videos about eating chili? No! But none the less, just before I left Denmark to go and travel the far east for 3 weeks, an old friend of mine from university David Rasmussen dared me to eat the hottest chili I could find in each country that I was to visit. I’m not particularly fond of eating chili, so I was kinda bummed that I had just decided to visit Bali as well which added a third chili to the deal. But the again it would allow me to create more truth or dare videos for this dare video site!

So I landed in Singapore around 5 am local time and had a great taxi ride from the airport to Malcolms place. The taxi driver told me to get hold of a chili called chili padi as it was the strongest one in Singapore. I went to International School of Singapore with Malcolm and had not seen him in 20 years. We hit it off right away thou, and on my first day in Singapore I got him to do the dare video with me 🙂

Have a look at the dare video below (ps. format is set to 720hd so if your internet can’t hack it you might have to lower the video setting):


Let me know what you think by posting a comment below 🙂

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The Balut Egg Dare Video

Another dare video from Nick Martin! This time I find myself doing a dare video in the Philippines and the person who dared me was a woman giving me a massage on the beach!

Balut egg is considered to be a delicacy in the Philippines and other countries in the far east. If you don’t know what a balut egg is, then here is a short description taken from the wiki:

“A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.”

Well there you have it! I was getting a really nice one hour massage on Alona Beach in the Philippines when a man walking up and down the beach starts yelling something I didn’t understand. I had seen this man the last two nights as well, so I asked my friendly masseuse what he was yelling and she said “Balut! – he is selling it”. “Well what’s that” I asked?

I got the facts straight and all of a suddon they had called the man over to me! At first I declined vigorously and he left. But then I thought about it and decided why not – it would make a good dare video for my truth or dare video website. So next time he passed us I bought two eggs. One for me and one for the lady that had called the man over at first.

I have to say this was worse then the chilli and the durian for sure! The texture of a balut is just so tough! The smell, the colors and the taste just makes your brain go nuts! I had a really hard time swallowing but eventually I finished it 🙂

Take a look here:


P.S. it’s set to play in HD 720 so if your internet connection isn’t up for it try lowering the setting on the video.

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Truth Or Dare Video – Winter Bathing

Here is the first truth or dare video for and it’s a kinda funny one too if I must say so 🙂 It involves ice, screaming and laughter! My good friend Troels dared me to come winter bathing with him and another mutual friend of ours. I didn’t think much about it but agreed on the spot and a few days later there I was ready to complete my first dare on video. Enjoy:

P.s. I’m the one wearing the red Titleist cap.


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Dare Me – And Watch The Video I Will Create

Simple post here guys – I need your truth or dare ideas! Post a DARE on this website and I will make a video so I can show you the results! I am open to most suggestions as of now so give it your best shot!

Truth Or Dare Me – I Dare You

Click on the links at the top of this page to submit your dare or feel free to submit a comment with your best truth or dare and I’ll create the video!

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What Truth Or Dare Videos?

So Nick …. Where Are Your Truth Or Dare Videos?

Hi guys – THANKS so much for visiting my video website. I have taken the next step and ordered a wireless microphone for my HD video camera!

Yes I am still planning on creating some funny truth or dare videos for you!

Why would I do such a thing? Well first of all I enjoy creating videos, and I thought it could be really fun if my visitors could dare me to do some truth or dare videos. Also, I hope that this entire experience will help me challenge and expand my confort zone.

So if you are looking for truth or dare videos on this site I’m very sorry there are none yet… You are welcome to subscribe to the RSS feed which will alert you as soon as I post new content on this site.

THANKS AGAIN for checking it out and I hope you come back later when there are videos to show!

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