My First Truth Or Dare Video

Hi I’m Nick Martin and this is one of my silly projects. This is where YOU get to dare me to do some of the stuff you think would be funny to watch on video. My truth or dare videos will be published here for you and your friends to watch. Why am I doing something like this? Well there are several reasons for it but you will have to go to my about Nicks truth or dare videos site to read more about that :)

If you want to see ALL my dare videos <—— Click There :)

Here is the first video for my truth or dare videos site. My good friend Troels dared me (well I guess he just asked if I wanted to join) and I accepted the challenge. I had never tried anything like it before in my life so I had no idea how cold it would get! Anyways have a look for yourself and do post a comment if you’ve had a similar experience or just want to say something:

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