Chili Padi Dare Video – Part 1/3 Chili Dare Videos

Do I like dare videos about eating chili? No! But none the less, just before I left Denmark to go and travel the far east for 3 weeks, an old friend of mine from university David Rasmussen dared me to eat the hottest chili I could find in each country that I was to visit. I’m not particularly fond of eating chili, so I was kinda bummed that I had just decided to visit Bali as well which added a third chili to the deal. But the again it would allow me to create more truth or dare videos for this dare video site!

So I landed in Singapore around 5 am local time and had a great taxi ride from the airport to Malcolms place. The taxi driver told me to get hold of a chili called chili padi as it was the strongest one in Singapore. I went to International School of Singapore with Malcolm and had not seen him in 20 years. We hit it off right away thou, and on my first day in Singapore I got him to do the dare video with me 🙂

Have a look at the dare video below (ps. format is set to 720hd so if your internet can’t hack it you might have to lower the video setting):


Let me know what you think by posting a comment below 🙂

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