The Balut Egg Dare Video

Another dare video from Nick Martin! This time I find myself doing a dare video in the Philippines and the person who dared me was a woman giving me a massage on the beach!

Balut egg is considered to be a delicacy in the Philippines and other countries in the far east. If you don’t know what a balut egg is, then here is a short description taken from the wiki:

“A balut is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell.”

Well there you have it! I was getting a really nice one hour massage on Alona Beach in the Philippines when a man walking up and down the beach starts yelling something I didn’t understand. I had seen this man the last two nights as well, so I asked my friendly masseuse what he was yelling and she said “Balut! – he is selling it”. “Well what’s that” I asked?

I got the facts straight and all of a suddon they had called the man over to me! At first I declined vigorously and he left. But then I thought about it and decided why not – it would make a good dare video for my truth or dare video website. So next time he passed us I bought two eggs. One for me and one for the lady that had called the man over at first.

I have to say this was worse then the chilli and the durian for sure! The texture of a balut is just so tough! The smell, the colors and the taste just makes your brain go nuts! I had a really hard time swallowing but eventually I finished it 🙂

Take a look here:


P.S. it’s set to play in HD 720 so if your internet connection isn’t up for it try lowering the setting on the video.

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