Chili Dare Video – Bali Indonesia Part 2/3

You will not believe how hard it is to find a fresh chili in Bali around Kuta. I was looking for my second chili for my chili dare video part 2/3 and I just couldn’t find any markets that had any chili. My search ended at a supermarket where they had boxed fresh chili. I desperately tried to figue our what kind of chili it was, but it seems they just nooded when I showed them my paper where the receptionist at my hotel had written two chili names.

I’m afraid this dare video isn’t as good as the dare video I did in Singapore. When it get’s dark my Canon HF100 seems to struggle a bit. And to be honest I can’t remember if I had the light on when I shot this dare video in Bali.

Anyways, the chili that I had in this dare video was not quite as hot as in the Chili Padi Dare Video I did in Singapore. It did however make my mouth run a lot more!

Have a look here:


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