Final Chili Dare Video – Philippines part 3/3

My final chili dare video was filmed in the Philippines. I spent 12 days traveling around in the Philippines going from beach to beach. Every place I went I kept a lookout for chili and durian fruits for more dare videos. The durian was impossible to find as it was out of season, and for some reason I had real trouble finding fresh chili.

I had planned an entire day of sightseeing with a local driver and he also took me to a few markets along the way. This is where I found the chili for my final chili dare video. The market stand was tendered by a little girl and she was so shy I had trouble communicating with her. I managed to get the chili and we left the market.

I decided to shoot this last chili dare video on the beach later that night. The video is in 720hd format so if your interwebz connection fails, try lowering the video setting:


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